Share Paper: Teachers’ View of Content and Education Professors’ Qualities that Shaped Them: Community, Cognition, Work Commitment, Rigor in f2f and Distance Classrooms

  1. Robin Spruce, Old Dominion University, United States
  2. Robert Lucking, Old Dominion University, United States
Monday, March 5 3:05-3:25 PM Terrace South

Abstract: A number of comparison studies have previously been carried out to examine the amount of learning in f2f and distance classes, but few have examined the impact of the nature of the experience in these two environments on future teachers’ perceptions. In particular, little is known about differences that might arise in comparing Education classes with the required content classes in which future teachers enroll. This presentation will summarize findings of a study which compared the classroom impact of f2f and distance courses on students’ sense of community, perceived learning, course rigor/workload, and professorial characteristics as found in Education classes ...