Share Paper: The Future of Game-Based Learning as Project-Based Learning in the Classroom

  1. Bradley Hoge, University of Houston - Downtown, United States
  2. Frank Hughes, Tietronix, United States
  3. Jennifer Myers, Lonestar College, United States
Monday, March 5 11:30-11:50 AM Capitol B

Abstract: Game-based learning provides a framework for project-based learning in the classroom, if games are developed for inquiry learning rather than simply engaging content delivery. New Century Energy, developed by Tietronix, Inc. for HISD, is an immersive, micromanagement computer game providing GBL for secondary students. NCE combines strategy and construction and management game aspects requiring players to build energy companies to meet the needs of cities throughout the US over the next 50 years. Lessons, questions, and unexpected events push players to seek out content knowledge to advance. Variations in difficulty are incorporated into lessons students must master to open options ...