Share Paper: Learning Motivation and Student Academic Dishonesty – A Comparison Between Face-To-Face And Online Courses

  1. Yehuda Peled, Western Galilee College & Ohalo College, Israel, Israel
  2. Casimir Barczyk, Purdue Calumet, United States
  3. Yovav Eshet, Western Galilee College, Israel
  4. Keren Grinautski, Haifa University, Israel
Tuesday, March 6 10:15-10:45 AM Capitol A

Abstract: This study explores student academic dishonesty in the context of traditional and distance-learning courses in higher ?education. Data from 1,376 Students enrolled in colleges or universities in the U.S. and Israel were surveyed to ?assess their motivational orientation and their willingness to commit various acts of academic misconduct. Findings ?indicate that students’ propensity to engage in academic dishonesty is explained by an extrinsic motivational ?orientation, participation in face-to-face type courses, and their age. ?