Share Paper: Digital Storytelling for Reflective Learning in Anatomy Education

  1. Shu-chien Pan, Indiana State University, United States
  2. David Dominguese, Indiana State Universityu, United States
Monday, March 5 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Capitol B

Abstract: The digital natives (Prensky, 200l) are familiar with multimedia learning devices and enjoy using these tools in their daily life. Schools are gradually implementing digital tools and applications into learning environments to meet the individual needs and learning styles of this generation student. The use of reflective learning is considered a vital aspect of training among health care and medical students in order to involve learners with deeper understanding of specific situations for present and future application (Boud & Walker, 1998; Grant, et al., 2006; Sandars & Murray, 2009; Stacey & Hardy, 2011). This research focuses on the implementation of ...