Development and evaluation of groupware with a questionnaire aimed at improvement of information exchanges within parent-teacher association

ID: 35015 Type: Virtual Brief Paper
  1. Hiroshi Nakayama, Abdusalam Dawut, and Kyouhei Chino, Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Abstract: The groupware (E-WARE) was developed in our previous study to improve the information exchange between the teacher, the student, and the guardian at the high school level. With the groupware, the information exchange from the teacher to the guardian and between the student and the guardian increased. However, it was difficult for the teacher to acquire information from the guardian because there were no specific means to efficiently to collect such information. As a result, it was also difficult for the parent-teacher association (PTA) to collect opinions from the guardians efficiently and to relay them to all the guardians. The present study developed groupware with a questionnaire function aimed at improving the exchange of information in PTA. As a result, it became possible for those not participating in PTA to receive information, and for teachers to collect the opinions of the guardians efficiently. Moreover, it became possible for PTA to prepare appropriate responses by obtaining opinions beforehand.


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