Share Paper: Interactive white boards: Is it worth it? Use in Four Western PA K-12 Schools

  1. Yehuda Peled, Western Galilee College & Ohalo College, Israel, Israel
  2. Mandy Medvin, Westminster College, United States
  3. Linda Domanski, Westminster College, United States
Monday, March 5 2:00-2:30 PM Capitol A

Abstract: This research examines teacher attitudes and fears about IWB use as related to perceived classroom ?implementation to enhance student engagement and achievement. The research took place in four ?western PA school districts. Nearly 78 percent of all teachers surveyed reported using the IWB either ??"Often" or "All the time" and 75 percent of them reported using an IWB for two or more years. These ?combined data suggest that the districts in this study are investing in IWB technology and the majority ?of teachers are using IWBs on a regular basis for instruction. Number of years and frequency the ?IWB technology ...