Wednesday, March 7
11:30-11:50 AM
Creekside I

The TEACH Act - A Catch 22, 23 and 24!

Brief Paper ID: 35106
  1. aaa
    Laura Wilson
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania Communications Media Department

Abstract: The focus of this paper is to evaluate, critique and provide information about the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2001 also known as the TEACH Act. It is important that educators continually learn about legislation that affects the information they are providing in their curriculum but also how they are providing it to their learners. This paper will look at how the TEACH Act has evolved into the legislation in 2001 and how educators, politicians, and those effected by technology copyright and Fair Use laws have continued to revisit laws associated with digital learning and new technology. Although there are many articles and publications discussing the TEACH Act, there are no current case laws involving the governing of the Act. This paper looks at how other policies and legislation has been invoked to support not only the TEACH Act, but Fair Use and Copyright as technology and digital media evolves.

Presider: Chris Campbell, Griffith University


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