Share Paper: A Format for Digital Learning and Continuous Growth within Jacksonville State University and the K-12 School Environment

  1. William Kiser, Jacksonville State University, United States
  2. Linda Allen, Jacksonville State University, United States
  3. Mary Montgomery, Jacksonville State University, United States
Tuesday, March 6 11:30-11:50 AM Terrace South

Abstract: ABSTRACT: To harness the potential of technology to change and shape the traditional classroom will require a major shift. Both higher education Instructional Leadership Programs and principals leading K-12 schools are looking for ways to provide the support required to address the learning needs of 21st century students. Through the development of strong Professional Learning Communities, which are sustained over time, school leaders have an opportunity to support the continued growth of their teachers in a variety of areas including technology integration, instructional practice, curriculum development, and the collection and analysis of student data.