Share Paper: Engaging preservice an Inservice Teachers in Middle School Mathematics: Using Dynabook to Shape Unconventional College Classrooms

  1. Susan Courey, San Francisco State University, United States
  2. Pamela LePage, San Francisco State University, United States
  3. Jody Siker, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University, United States
  4. Jose Blackorby, SRI International, United States
Monday, March 5 4:20-4:40 PM Capitol A

Abstract: In this paper we report on a team project that has as a goal to design, develop and evaluate an interactive Web-based tool for teaching mathematics content and pedagogy to middle school teachers. We will examine how a special education professor used Dynabook in three of her courses as this new technology was being developed, and how the students in her classes responded to this new technology over the course of two semesters and one summer. We will describe how the technology was used in the classroom, what methods were used for evaluation, how the students responded, and how the ...