Share Paper: Educational Technology professionals in higher education: Multimedia production competencies identified from a Delphi study

  1. Lee Daniels, East Tennessee State University, United States
  2. William Sugar, East Carolina University, United States
  3. Brown Abbie, East Carolina University, United States
  4. Brent Hoard, East Carolina University, United States
Tuesday, March 6 5:55 PM-6:15 PM Capitol A

Abstract: Abstract: During this presentation, we report on the results of a recent Delphi study. Eleven Educational Technology professionals, who work in higher education and PK-12 settings, identified key multimedia competencies required of entry-level Educational Technology professionals. Responding initially to three open-ended questions, this Delphi panel distinguished and ranked seventy-one unique competencies. We summarize these results during this presentation and reflect upon possible multimedia production curricular changes within our own graduate programs.