Share Paper: Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Learning and Teaching of Activity-Based Lessons Supported with Spreadsheets

  1. Douglas Agyei, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  2. Joke Voogt, University of Twente, Netherlands
Thursday, March 8 10:15-10:45 AM Capitol F

Abstract: Mathematics education research has shown that too few students have adequate mathematics comprehension or problem-solving skills. To make up for this lapse in student outcomes, mathematics teachers should be among the most enthusiastic in seeking to maximize technologies’ potential to develop student understanding, stimulate student interest, and increase student mathematics proficiency. In this study, pre-service mathematics teachers worked in teams to develop their knowledge and skills in designing activity-based lessons supported by spreadsheets. The pre-service teachers developed and demonstrated their knowledge and skill adequately during the design and enactment of their lessons. The results also showed that, the activity-based lessons ...