Tuesday, March 6
11:30 AM-12:30 PM
William Barton

The Non-Techies Guide to Bringing a Teacher Education Program into the 21st Century (BYOL-Bring Your Own Laptop)

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    Kimberly Higdon
    Saint Leo University
  2. aaa
    Candace Roberts
    Saint Leo University
  3. Susan Colaric
    Saint Leo University
  4. aaa
    Holly Atkins
    Saint Leo Univerisity
  5. Nancy Cerezo
    Saint Leo University

Abstract: Employing a constructivist philosophy, this interactive workshop will focus first on the rationale for infusing technology in meaningful and pedagogically sound ways into a K-12 teacher preparation program. The presenters will share the story of their progression from a program that did not infuse technology meaningfully to one that is working to produce teacher leaders in pedagogically sound teaching practices using technology and preparing students for the future. Participants will complete an interactive survey on their experiences, questions and concerns, and the bulk of the workshop will be on demonstrating the uses of various technologies, including using and creating movies, interactive whiteboard, student response systems, Web 2.0 resources and iPads, based on the responses of the survey. The demonstration will include hands-on experiences with each of the technology tools shared in the demonstration. Finally, facilitators and participants will discuss other ideas and challenges in using technology, and participants will develop a plan of action to begin the process of technology infusion into their programs or schools.


1) Attendees will hear the experiences of a teacher education program that has moved from a traditional format (one outdated Educational Technology course) to a program that actively infuses technology throughout the program (and continues to grow and develop) 2) Attendees will view demonstrations and gain hands-on experience using technology including movie making, interactive whiteboards, Flip Cameras, student response systems, Web 2.0 resources and iPads to enhance K-12 education preparation programs 3) Attendees will assess the current technology needs of their own programs, make goals and develop an action plan for the meaningful infusion of technology into their programs

Topical Outline

1) Introduction (30 minutes*) a. Meet facilitators b. Rationale for changing the face of teacher education c. Overview of Program at Saint Leo University i. Where we started ii. Where we are now 2) The Nuts and Bolts of Building the Program (30 minutes*) a. Making goals/Developing the Vision b. Obtaining funding/equipment c. Training faculty d. Infusing technology into courses 3) Interactive Survey of Participants (10 minutes*) 4) Using Technology (order may changed based on survey results) (4 hours, breaks as needed*) a. Using film, creating films and multimedia products (including use of Flip cameras) b. Interactive whiteboards c. Web 2.0 d. iPads (for teacher productivity and to enhance student learning) e. Student Response systems (for student to use for statistical analysis, assessment, progress monitoring and data collection) 5) Questions/Discussion/Sharing of Ideas (20 minutes*) 6) Goal Setting and Taking Action (30 minutes*) *Time frames would be adjusted to accommodate a 3 hour format so that the focus of the workshop would still be the hands-on training


The primary audience is teacher educators; much of the content would apply to Instructional Technology personnel at the K-12 level; in order to ensure enough equipment for a hands-on experience, we request that the number of attendees be limited to 30.

Experience Level



Dr. Kim Higdon is an Associate Professor of Education at Saint Leo University, teaching courses for Elementary and Middle Grades Education in literacy, social studies and classroom management at the undergraduate and graduate level. She has no particular technological expertise, but is always willing to learn and risk looking foolish in front of her classes and colleagues as she experiments with new ideas and technologies. Dr. Candace Roberts is the Chair of the Education Department at Saint Leo University and teaches courses in Middle and Secondary English education as well as classroom management. Dr. Roberts conceived the vision for infusing technology and developing teacher leaders in using technology in the classroom and works tirelessly in supporting faculty growth in the department. Dr. Susan Colaric is the resident techie. She is an Assistant Vice President in the department of Instructional Technology and helps procure resources, make decisions in the use of instructional technology, and provides training and support for the Education department. When we give her time, she works with the rest of the university as well. Dr. Holly Atkins is an Assistant Professor at Saint Leo University. As a classroom teacher, Holly infused technology in innovative ways to engage her Middle Grades students in rich literacy activities. She shares her experience and expertise in helping to set up our Classroom of the 21st Century, develop our Education Technology course, and provide training to K-12 school personnel through our Professional Development School partners as well as to the university faculty. It is unclear if Holly ever sleeps. Dr. Nancy Cerezo is an Assistant Professor of Education at Saint Leo University. She too is continuously looking to improve her practice in using technology to enhance teaching. She is particularly skilled at helping beginners with technology get set up and build their comfort level using teaching technologies.
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