Share Paper: Rapid Prototyping for Speedy Program Design: Designing a Program for Volunteering Undergraduates Working in a Virtual World

  1. Jenny Wakefield, University of Texas at Dallas & University of North Texas, United States
  2. Scott Warren, University of North Texas, United States
Tuesday, March 6 2:00-2:30 PM Creekside II

Abstract: Abstract: This paper investigates the instructional design methods used when designing and developing a virtual world’s program for undergraduate students. The Instructional System Design (ISD) of Rapid Instructional Design was used to develop a program that could be designed, developed, approved, and implemented within a few weeks from project start. The rapid instructional design approach allowed for cycle-time reduction and the prototype gave the client an in-depth vision of the scope, cost, design, and quality of the program prior to decision-making.