Share Paper: What student teachers are talking about their online Communities of Practice (CoP) in Constructivist online course? Investigating student teachers’ experiences in double-layered CoP participation

  1. Kyungmee Lee, OISE/University of Toronto, Canada
  2. Clare Brett, OISE/University of Toronto, Canada
Monday, March 5 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Terrace South

Abstract: This paper suggests an integrated model of CoP and Constructive online course based on understanding the relationship between student teachers’ online course experiences and their CoP participation. There have been two theoretically and technologically interconnected efforts in teacher education fields such as teachers’ online CoP development and Constructive online course design. Even though these two approaches have not been practically integrated with each other; even though their potential synergies. Based on deeper understanding of the relationship between two approaches, this study will suggest an integrated model of CoP and Constructivist online courses. This paper further discusses the possibility to bring ...