Share Paper: Practicing Teachers’ Technology Integration: Projects that Mattered

  1. Mary Kayler, George Mason University, United States
  2. Debra Sprague, George Mason University, United States
Tuesday, March 6 2:45 PM-3:15 PM Capitol E

Abstract: Using an intellectual developmental pedagogical framework (Magolda, 2004) and centering technological projects on a “real classroom need” became a powerful impetus for K-12 teachers enrolled in a graduate program of education to engage in meaningful technology integration. Projects that infused learner-centered theory (Weimer) and community social action supported teachers’ technological development capacities and created a pedagogical shift in classroom practices towards a more student-centered classroom and active community engagement. This paper reports on two qualitative studies that convey the ways in which use of a project-based approach to K-12 teachers’ technology integration supported technological expertise that moved teachers to consider ...