Share Paper: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers: A Faculty Review Strategy

  1. Jon Price, Intel Corp., United States
  2. Martina Roth, Intel Corp., Germany
  3. Shelley Shott, Intel Corp, United States
  4. Stephen Andrews, Intel Corporation, United States
Wednesday, March 7 2:00-2:30 PM William Barton

Abstract: Through a review of evaluation data and reports collected from studies of successful Pre-Service courses delivered in teacher education institutions over five years and across multiple countries, the contextual factors regarding how universities can effectively integrate ICT into pre-service education is examined. A meta-analysis of multiple evaluation reports and studies collected will describe Intel®’s process of applying this large scale ICT integration strategy and discuss the systemic factors associated with understanding classroom level change. A synthesis of these studies illustrates the effectiveness and impact of the Intel Teach program in supporting teacher educators in the successful implementation of ICT within ...