Share Paper: InteractiveSchoolWall: A Digital Enriched Learning Environment for Systemic-Constructive Informal Learning Processes

  1. Thomas Winkler, Institut für Multimediale und Interaktive Systeme, Germany
  2. Martina Ide, Institute for Quality Development at Schools in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  3. Michael Herczeg, Institut für Multimediale und Interaktive Systeme, Germany
Monday, March 5 10:15-10:45 AM Creekside II

Abstract: In this paper we reflect on the impact of a novel digitally enriched learning space for teaching processes. We present a hypermedia presentation and interaction platform. We show how learning space at school can be extended digitally in a new way. Interactive navigation and self-determined networking allow active learning in an informal way. We explain how to meet the pedagogical implications of a presentation and interaction tool, called InteractiveSchoolWall, with the requirements of Open Learning. It consists of multiple multi-touch screens running specific applications. The technical construction follows the logic of a novel digital network environment. Referring to recent systemic-constructivist ...