Share Paper: Is Integrating Technology Like Learning to Ride a Bike? Soliciting Input from Colleagues About a Study to Investigate the Developmental Aspects of TPACK

  1. Teresa Foulger, Arizona State University, United States
  2. Karsten Krauskopf, Institut für Wissensmedien - Knowledge Media Research Center, Germany
  3. Mia Kim Williams, University of Northern Colorado, United States
Tuesday, March 6 2:45 PM-3:45 PM George Bonnell

Abstract: The TPACK framework promoted by Mishra and Koehler (e.g., 2006) has fueled a movement toward viewing teaching with technology as the ability to simultaneously address the connections and interactions between and among the elements of technology, pedagogy, and content (TPACK) situated in a particular context. There are various approaches to promote TPACK, but what do we empirically know about the paths pre- and inservice teachers follow along the way? How may the initial learning of preservice teachers differ from professional development of experienced teachers, who “only” lack the technology knowledge? When and where do they realize the value technology brings? ...