Tuesday, March 6
11:30 AM-12:30 PM
Capitol E

Emerging Technologies for Informal Learning: Transforming Traditional Education from the Inside and the Outside, Part 2 Coordinators: Curt Bonk, Professor, Indiana University and Mimi Miyoung Lee, Associate Professor, University of Houston

Symposium ID: 35958
  1. aaa
    Scott Warren
    University of North Texas
  2. aaa
    Priya Nihalani
    GetYa Learn On, LLC
  3. aaa
    Paul Kim
    Stanford University
  4. aaa
    Ke Zhang
    Wayne State University
  5. aaa
    George Veletsianos
    University of Texas at Austin
  6. aaa
    Curt Bonk
    Indiana University
  7. Ana-Paula Correia
    Iowa State University
  8. aaa
    Mimi Miyoung Lee
    University of Houston

Abstract: Symposium Part Two (Hour 2): Nontraditional, Adventure, and Extreme Learning. With the explosion of mobile learning as well as virtual and open education, there is need to better understand the growing number of informal and nontraditional forms of learning. In response, Part 2 of this will explore a wide range of emerging Web-based learning opportunities outside traditional school contexts including adventure learning and other forms of extreme learning. Among the areas explored will include online environmental education, language learning, mentoring, apprenticeship, and exciting Web projects and resources for social change and global education. Significant life change or “empowerment moments” can occur from exposure to extreme as well as not so extreme forms of teaching and learning. Both sessions will document many such cases and pose questions about where such research and practice should head in the coming decade.

No presider for this session.


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