Share Paper: The Role of Video in Pre-Service Teacher First Day of School Observations: Peer Review on Learning of Teaching Concepts and Future Application

  1. Marian Maxfield, Ashland University, United States
  2. Deanna Romano, Ashland University, United States
Monday, March 5 11:30-11:50 AM Capitol F

Abstract: Abstract: This study focuses on the role of video in pre-service teacher (PST) observations of the first day of school and the impact of peer reviewing the videos on learning of new teaching concepts and the future application of learned concepts. PSTs individually videoed their observations from the first day of school. In class they shared and discussed the videos. A cross-sectional self-reporting online survey was used to examine PSTs perceptions of video technologies during observation on their learning and influence on future teaching practices. The highly positive correlated significant results indicate that when PSTs review videos made by their ...