Share Paper: Consequences of Implementing Mobile Devices for Clinical Observations: The Supervisor’s Perspective

  1. Noela Haughton, The University of Toledo, United States
  2. Virginia Keil, The University of Toledo, United States
Tuesday, March 6 10:15-10:45 AM Capitol F

Abstract: This paper discusses the implementation and impact of mobile technology-supported student teacher observations on the supervision process through the lenses of university supervisors. The theory of unintended consequences was used to focus the inquiry and explain the findings. Eighteen supervisors participated in a post-pilot survey and seven in a focus group debriefing session. Supervisors were overwhelmingly positive about the experience, the value of the updated assessments, and the ongoing plans to support field observations with mobile technologies. Some of the unintended consequences could have been avoided had the researchers included supervisors earlier in the process. However, issues related to compensation ...