Share Paper: Exploring a culturally- sensitive blend of New Zealand initial teacher education: online and on a regional campus with Maori

  1. Anne-Marie Hunt, University of Canterbury New Zealand, New Zealand
  2. Vicki Needham, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  3. Linda McMurray, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Monday, March 5 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Capitol H

Abstract: This paper explores ‘effective practices’ used within a New Zealand university as identified by year two students and their lecturers within a regional initial teacher education distance option that blends online with on campus courses in a culturally relevant approach that fits with partner schools with a high proportion of Indigenous People. Evidence was gathered through interviews, focus group discussion, observations of e-learning and reflective discussions by the three lecturers about their experiences. Thematic analysis identified emerging ‘effective practices’ in blended learning and teaching. A strong sense of ako (reciprocity of learning and teaching) and tuakana–teina (mentoring and reciprocal mentoring) ...