Share Paper: Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Development Methods in Teaching Of Open & Distance Learning (ODL) System

  1. Manohar Rao Puppala, S.D.L.C.E., Kakatiya University,, India
  2. Harun Puppala, Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Science, Affliated to JNTU, HYDERABAD, India
Tuesday, March 6 12:10-12:30 PM Creekside I

Abstract: In this paper, we shall discuss the options of the learners on ICT application, its benefits and how the institutions can meet the requirements of the learners in the context of ICT methods. An analysis of these opinions provides us the feedback to suggest ways to overcome the problems and offer suitable measurers for the use of ICT to reach the unreached in the rural areas. Open and distance learning aims to reach different segments of the learners anytime, anywhere through its methods of delivery system offering various courses is playing an important role in India where the conventional system ...