Share Paper: Upping the Ante: Video and Tagging Software Technology to Improve Teacher Candidate Performance

  1. Diane Galloway, University of Texas - Arlington, United States
  2. Kim Ruebel, Iniversity of Texas - Arlington, United States
Monday, March 5 11:30-11:50 AM Capitol H

Abstract: ABSTRACT: This pilot study involved teacher candidates analyzing video recordings of their teaching performances. During spring semester of 2011, sixteen student teachers made videos of several teaching segments and later utilized software to identify, tag and analyze their teaching performances. Video segments can be analyzed and stored by upload to a protected site. The pilot study was based on the following assertions: 1) Teacher candidates need to ‘own’ their professional growth. 2) Teaching behaviors can be identified, rated for proficiency and analyzed as a collection of techniques to enhance student learning. Use of the software has expanded our ability to ...