Share Paper: TPACK Intersect: Evidence of Pedagogy in Preservice Teacher Activity Plans

  1. Nicholas Lux, Montana State University - Bozeman, United States
  2. Nigel Waterton, Montana State University - Bozeman, United States
Wednesday, March 7 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Terrace South

Abstract: Researchers looked for evidence of specific pedagogical dimensions in preservice teacher activity plans for k-12 students in an educational technology course focused on TPACK development. Results indicate the intentional inclusion of several pedagogical dimensions and the absence of others. Preservice teachers articulated the use of technology to support “motivation/engagement” and “knowledge building” most frequently, and included technology to promote “autonomy” and “reflection” least frequently. The findings suggest that the students were clearly thinking about connecting their use of the technology with content and pedagogy.