Share Paper: Assessing the Effects of Digital Storytelling on Middle School English Language Learners

  1. Christine Rosalia, Hunter College, CUNY, United States
  2. Marcus Artigliere, I.S. 220, John J. Pershing School, United States
Monday, March 5 10:55 AM-11:15 AM Creekside I

Abstract: This paper is a report on the effects to student learning when students create multiple digital stories in the middle school English language-learning classroom. The researchers created a project based curriculum where 16 individual students created 5 digital projects (each story having multiple drafts and revisions) over an 7 month period--thus presenting a more nuanced description of computer assisted language learning development than currently available in the extant body of research on digital story-telling with language learners. Initial findings indicate that students made substantial and measurable improvement in their writing, reading, speaking and self-regulated learning, particularly in their development of ...