Share Paper: Pre-service teachers’ competencies for technology integration: Insights from a mathematics-specific instructional technology course

  1. Douglas Agyei, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  2. Joke Voogt, University of Twenete, Netherlands
Monday, March 5 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Capitol E

Abstract: A combination of various measures (self-report, learning outcomes and written reports) was employed to investigate 104 pre-service teachers’ competencies in spreadsheet integration after enrolling in an Instructional Technology course. The pre-service teachers engaged in a “learning technology by design” approach in which they worked in design teams to develop spreadsheet-enhanced solutions to authentic mathematical problems. Their developed competencies were reported in their evolving lesson outcomes (TPACK evidence in the analysis of lesson plan product and observed instruction) and self-reported TPACK. The learning outcome provided specific information and concrete representations of what the pre-service teachers could actually do with technology as ...