Share Paper: Outcomes of Matching Student Learning Styles to Delivery of Research and Technology Coursework at Kean University

  1. Claudia Knezek, Kean University General Education, United States
  2. Melda Yildiz, Kean University, United States
Monday, March 5 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Capitol E

Abstract: Many colleges require undergraduate students to complete General Education (GE) courses, along with coursework in designated majors. At Kean University, Research and Technology is one of five required foundation courses for undergraduate students. The University administration has recently experienced a need to balance traditional delivery of coursework with electronic delivery modes that support the learning styles of entry-level millennial learners. A one-year study was conducted, using the Adaptive Teaching Taxonomy methodology to expand the traditional offerings of Research and Technology. When comparing the educational outcomes of adaptive and traditional courses, results indicated that matching student learning styles to program delivery ...