Thursday, March 20
11:30 AM-12:30 PM
River Terrace 3

Using iBooks to Create 21st Century Learning Materials/Lessons for Use on iPads.

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    Martonia Gaskill, PhD
    University of Nebraska at Kearney
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    Dr. Tommy Hansen
    University of Nebraska Kearney

Abstract: Mobile learning is becoming an integral part of education at all levels. With students having more access to mobile devices such as iPads, being able to create learning materials and lessons integrating iPad technology or other mobile devices is a critical aspect of 21st century classrooms. Students expect learning to be engaging, interactive and available 24/7. iBooks allows teachers to create learning materials or lessons that include images, presentation slides, YouTube or other videos, quizzes, scrolling sidebars, 3D images, and other widgets, to make learning a topic or concept fun, engaging and highly interactive. iBooks makes it possible to provide students with variety and choices as they interact with the learning materials. If your goal is to get started with using iPads in your daily lessons or learning activities, this workshop will help you accomplish that.


At the end of this workshop, teacher participants will be able to: 1. Create highly interactive lessons or learning materials using iBooks author for use/deployment on iPads. 2. Integrate components of information literacy into lessons to improve students' learning 3. Integrate existing web based materials such as images, YouTube or other videos, Educational Web sites into lessons to provide variety and options for students’ learning. 4. Envision authoring and publishing electronic books (iBooks) to improve both teaching and learning in the classroom, and to connect and network with educators with similar interests.

Topical Outline

The topics that will be covered in this workshop are: 1. What a 21st Century classrooms look like? 2. What happens when students are learning? 3. Introduction to iBooks 4. How iBooks is changing the publishing business 5. Getting started with iBooks 6. Choosing lesson templates 7. Adding existing materials, or creating new ones (topic introductions, instructions, etc.) 8. Using widgets to make lessons interactive (videos, images, quizzes, Web based resources, etc.) 9. Publishing your lesson/materials for use on iPads. 10. How students will use your interactive iBooks lesson.


Basic to Intermediate computer skills. For a hands on learning experience, or follow along, please BYOL (bring a Mac laptop with the free iBooks author software installed). To view or test the lesson/materials created from students side, please bring also an iPad.

Experience Level



Martonia Gaskill is a doctoral candidate in Instructional Technology at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) and a faculty at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK). Martonia has taught Instructional Technology courses for pre-service teachers for the past ten years. She currently teaches graduate level general education and undergraduate Instructional Technology courses in teacher education at UNK. Martonia research interests include cheating in online learning, technology integration and mobile learning in education.
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