Wednesday, March 4
1:45 PM-3:15 PM
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Teacher Reflections on Using iPads and Apps to Support Mathematics Education

Poster/Demo ID: 45609
  1. aaa
    Timothy Pelton
    University of Victoria
  2. aaa
    Leslee Francis Pelton
    University of Victoria
  3. Todd Milford
    University of Victoria

Abstract: In this paper we examine our reflections on the process of integrating appropriate mathematical exploration and consolidation apps into traditional classroom lessons. In addition to observing that the students were positively disposed to the lessons incorporating the use of iPads and apps, we have observed that the integrated lessons involving apps were moderately effective in supporting student learning and growth in the areas of telling time and placing numbers on a number line. As we reflect on the experiences of the instructors and the regular teachers, we find consistency of attitude with respect to the general success of the interventions, the progress made in refining the lessons, the value of the educational apps used to support learning, and the understanding of the limitations of the interventions with respect to distinguishing the relative effects of the instruction from the effects of the app usage. Unique perspectives of all participants enhanced this reflective process.

Presider: Brenda Vogds, Eastern Carver County School


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