Wednesday, March 4
10:15 AM-11:15 AM
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Education for the Future We Want: A Call for Action

Keynote Conversation ID: 45762
  1. aaa
    Jongwhi Park

Abstract: The past few decades have witnessed exponential advancement of technologies, bringing us to a whole new world that was not even imaginable just 20 years ago. In education, it is believed that these new and affordable technologies can enable anyone to learn from anywhere and anytime, with personalized learning paths available for each of the individual's needs. However, 57 million children in the world today remain to be out of school, too often for reasons that in the 21st century should not remain as barriers to their right to quality education. Across the world, 775 million adults cannot read, write or count, 64 percent of whom are female. With all the resources and technologies that we have today, the pertinent question remains as to why this is still happening and what we can do to help reduce these vast gaps. In response to these concerns, this talk aims to introduce UNESCO's vision for the role of ICT in achieving quality education for everyone, regardless of gender, culture, income and any special needs. Themes such as the challenges that UNESCO and international organizations face in pursuing this vision, and how the research community, such as SITE, can help in moving forward together will be further explored. The talk will conclude by inviting researchers and educators to collectively deliberate on potential areas for collaboration in order to finally achieve education for the future we want.

Presider: David Gibson, Curtin University

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