Share Paper: Meet the Editors: Journal Editors in Our Field

  1. Dee Anna Willis, Northwestern State University, United States
  2. Peter Albion, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  3. Lynn Bell, Univ. of Virginia, United States
  4. Glen Bull, Univ. of Virginia, United States
  5. Denise A. Crawford, Iowa State University, United States
  6. Richard Ferdig, Kent State University, United States
  7. Leping Liu, Univ. of Nevada-Reno, United States
  8. Ann Thompson, Iowa State Univ., United States
  9. Kathryn Kennedy, Michigan Virtual University, United States
  10. Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University, United States
Thursday, March 5 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Amazon A

Abstract: Meet the editors of journals in the field of information technology and teacher education. They will describe their journals, tell the sort of articles they publish, and of any upcoming special issues. The panel will answer questions after the presentations. Editors will represent the following publications: Journal of Technology & Teacher Education, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, Computers in the Schools, ournal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, (formerly Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, Journal of Research on Technology in Education, and SITE Conference Proceedings. Editors of other journals are encouraged to attend and contribute.