Share Paper: Implementation and Evaluation of Inquiry Learning Program “Waza for Learning” at the Age of 15

  1. Yoko Noborimoto, Tamagawa Academy (K-12)/Tohoku University, Japan
  2. Yoshifumi Goto, Tamagawa Academy, Japan
  3. Shiori Ito, Tamagawa Academy, Japan
  4. Yumiko Kasai, Tsurumi University, Japan
  5. Tatsuya Horita, Tohoku University, Japan
Tuesday, March 22 4:45 PM-5:15 PM Scarbrough 3

Abstract: In this study, we developed and implemented the Inquiry Learning program, Waza for Learning, for 15-year olds by verifying data for over four years. We specifically implemented the Acquisition of In-formation Skills Research and performed a comparative analysis. The result showed the increase in the numerical value of almost all items. We also developed a worksheet that provides research questions, which can help a student positively conclude his or her study. We found that a research question that could be answered with a Yes/No can help students clarify their claim before investigating, summarizing, and so on. This study will pave ...