Using Hands-on Learning Modules to Address Challenging Concepts in Electricity and Magnetism

  1. James Rutter, University of Virginia, United States
  2. Nigel Standish, University of Virginia, United States
  3. Glen Bull, University of Virginia, United States

Wednesday, March 23 5:30 PM-7:00 PM

Presider: Mehmet Ali Ozer, New Mexico State University, United States

This project explores the use of hands-on learning modules to address common misconceptions in electricity and magnetism (E&M). Part of our research has demonstrated that there are common misconceptions with the abstract concepts of E&M, for example the magnetic field lines generated by electrical current flowing through conductive wire. This project looks at an 8th grade engineering class project where students built and experimented with actual solenoids as a way of learning these challenging concepts. Pre and post assessments results are discussed and alterntive ideas that the students have are surfaced. This approach combines fundamental concepts in E&M and a hands-on experience into an authentic activity that provides scaffolding to address common misconceptions

Engineering Education
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