Share Paper: Developing Making Services through Engaged Library-Faculty Collaborations

  1. Marilyn Ochoa, SUNY Oswego, United States
  2. Sharona Ginsberg, SUNY Oswego, United States
  3. Chris Hebblethwaite, SUNY Oswego, United States
Thursday, March 24 10:15 AM-11:15 AM Harborside Center

Abstract: Libraries have long been a central location for students and faculty to use information resources and technologies to supplement and enhance learning, research, and creation. The maker movement is an approach to learning creative skills that emphasizes collaboration, craftsmanship, and a hands-on, DIY spirit. As the maker movement gains strength in higher education, the library seeks to take a central role to develop this “making” culture on campus, collaborating with faculty to engage students in new ways. This round table proposes to engage participants in a discussion about maker events and tools that librarians and faculty can use to engage ...