Tuesday, March 22
3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Harborside Center

State Educational Twitter Hashtags: An Introduction and Research Agenda

Roundtable ID: 48428
  1. aaa
    Joshua Rosenberg
    Michigan State University
  2. aaa
    Matthew Koehler
    Michigan State University
  3. Mete Akcaoglu
    Georgia Southern University
  4. aaa
    Spencer Greenhalgh
    Michigan State University
  5. Erica Hamilton
    Grand Valley State University

Abstract: Affinity spaces refer to digital and geographical spaces in which learning can happen, and some of the largest affinity spaces dedicated to education are those that currently exist on Twitter. These spaces are public, largely unmoderated, and thriving, yet very little is known about them. This paper seeks to shed some light on these basic questions about Twitter-based affinity spaces by presenting descriptive data about the participants and their patterns of activity across 47 State Educational Twitter Hashtags, or SETHs. We examine over 580,000 tweets collected over six months and identify who is participating and their degree of activity. We conclude with directions for future research on SETHs (or related affinity spaces on Twitter) focused on participants’ individual characteristics, the structure of the affinity space, and the content of tweets.

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