Share Paper: Crafting Spatial Skills: The Use of a Minecraft-Based Intervention to Aid in the Development of Elementary Learners’ Spatial Ability

  1. Nick Lux, Montana State University, United States
  2. Brock LaMeres, Montana State University, United States
  3. Shannon Willoughby, Montana State University, United States
  4. Bryce Hughes, Montana State University, United States
Monday, March 6 1:45 PM-2:05 PM Capitol B

Abstract: This investigation was conducted to empirically measure how intentional spatial reasoning training using the Minecraft (Mojang, 2016) virtual 3D building system might improve the spatial intelligence of elementary students. The ability to make spatial judgment and visualize has been shown to be a strong indicator of students’ future achievement in STEM-related courses. Further, research has also shown that relatively short training exercises can close the spatial reasoning gap between males and females. Therefore, the intent of this investigation is to determine if inclusion of the Minecraft-based design challenges that target specific spatial skills differentially influence learners’ spatial abilities compared to ...