Wednesday, March 28
1:45 PM-2:00 PM
Edison A

Teacher Training @ Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

Best Practices ID: 51698
  1. aaa
    Hans van Bergen
    Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
  2. aaa
    Stephanie Edwards
    Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

Abstract: According to a recent UNHCR study into Secondary Education at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, there are currently 6000+ students only 2% of whom are able to attend school due to lack of facilities and teachers To address these challenges, UNHCR invited Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Education department (HU) in the Netherlands to set up a teacher training program for refugees in the camp in co-operation with Windle Trust Kenya HU started a program in December 2016 that could leverage its skills and experience and share its significant library of digital content for secondary and higher education and its innovative online learning platform to support these objectives In our pedagogical approach learning is a social behavior and that’s why we created seven or eight learning teams out of each group and assigned an online mentor to each learning team The big challenge was to keep contact with the students in the period the team was not in Kakuma Connectivity was (and is) a problem In June 2017, we could provide each learning team with a MacBook In December 2017, the first group will graduate from our program and get a certificate from our Kenyan partner, MOI university in Eldoret In this presentation, we will share our experiences and results of the pilot and future plans

Presider: Bernard Bahati, University of Rwanda & Stockholm University


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