Share Paper: Best Practices for Teacher Educators to Address Digital Security Issues in Synchronous Sessions and Webinars

  1. Elizabeth Dalton, URI; Dalton Ed Services International, United States
  2. Susie Gronseth, University of Houston, United States
Tuesday, March 19 11:30-11:45 AM Wilshire A

Abstract: Digital and cyber security is an increasingly important focus for educators to understand and learn how to manage, considering the capacity for hacking that exists today. This session focuses on the best practices currently available for managing the security of online synchronous sessions and webinars, which are a growing component of teacher pre-service training and ongoing professional development. Real-life examples of security problems and the challenges they pose to educators seeking to expand their use of digital conferencing tools will be presented. Research on digital security issues will be shared, and guidance for potential solutions will be provided by the ...