Wednesday, March 20
4:45 PM-5:15 PM
Santa Monica 2

UWGLive Simulations - The Future of Professional Development: Using Immersive, Mixed-Reality Simulations to Develop Effective Teachers & Leaders

Corporate Showcase ID: 53784
  1. aaa
    Terrie Ponder
    UWGLive Simulations, University of West Georgia

Abstract: Meeting the diverse needs of students demands large-magnitude reform for most schools. By adequately preparing teachers and leaders to meet the diverse needs of their students, incorporating real-world professional development experiences may be the answer. One emerging tool that is being used to prepare teachers and leaders is immersive, mixed-reality simulations. Immersive, mixed-reality simulations have been noted by scholars, in both the technological and educational realm, as a powerful pedagogical tool. Benefits of simulation include ready access to real-world experiences that otherwise may have been unavailable, too expensive, or unsafe in the real world. By providing uniform exposure to structured simulations, teachers and leaders can reinforce content knowledge and develop skills through virtual interactions that mimic authentic, real-world experiences. Furthermore, with the use of simulation experiences, school leaders can model and provide immediate redirection/feedback to enhance each participant's skill set. In this showcase, UWGLive Simulations will examine the effective use of simulations to promote research-based practices to improve schools as well as provide a brief demonstration with audience volunteers participating. With over 60 scenarios, 19 environments, and 28 avatars available for use, UWGLive Simulations will also present an overview of each category and the scenario design process that is used.

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