Share Paper: UWGLive Simulations - The Future of Professional Development: Using Immersive, Mixed-Reality Simulations to Develop Effective Teachers & Leaders

  1. Terrie Ponder, UWGLive Simulations, University of West Georgia, United States
Wednesday, March 20 4:45 PM-5:15 PM Santa Monica 2

Abstract: Meeting the diverse needs of students demands large-magnitude reform for most schools. By adequately preparing teachers and leaders to meet the diverse needs of their students, incorporating real-world professional development experiences may be the answer. One emerging tool that is being used to prepare teachers and leaders is immersive, mixed-reality simulations. Immersive, mixed-reality simulations have been noted by scholars, in both the technological and educational realm, as a powerful pedagogical tool. Benefits of simulation include ready access to real-world experiences that otherwise may have been unavailable, too expensive, or unsafe in the real world. By providing uniform exposure to structured ...