Share Paper: Piloting a QM-Inspired Quality Assurance Process for All Online Course Offerings at a Mid-sized University

  1. Savilla Banister, Bowling Green State University, United States
  2. Rachel Vannatta, Bowling Green State University, United States
  3. Cindy Ross, Bowling Green State University, United States
Tuesday, March 19 2:15-2:45 PM Wilshire A

Abstract: This paper shares the far-reaching impact a Quality Matters(QM) Consortium relationship can have on a large university campus. With more than 300 online courses offered in any given semester, finding a way to manage quality assurance is a daunting task. Faculty collective bargaining agreements can restrict what access an institution has to review faculty courses, so the university worked collaboratively with the faculty union to reach an agreement of minimally invasive online course review. Leveraging the expertise of faculty who had participated in the QM rubric workshops and the access to QM support that a statewide consortium provides, a pilot ...