Wednesday, March 20
10:15 AM-11:15 AM
Celebrity 1

Dynamic Meta-assessment in Online Courses: Self-assessment of Instructors’ Efforts and the Network Design of Learner Interaction

Panel ID: 54568
  1. aaa
    Leping Liu
    University of Nevada, Reno
  2. Xibin Han
    Tsinghua University
  3. aaa
    David Gibson
    Curtin University
  4. Simon Kerrigan
    Curtin University
  5. Rupa Vuthaluru
    Curtin University

Abstract: This panel will present some new ideas and on-going research projects on dynamic meta-assessment in teacher education online courses. In this panel, five researchers from three countries (The United States, China, and Australia) will present their work and host the joint discussions on three perspectives of this theme: (a) instructors’ self-assessment in online courses to assess the effectiveness, strength, or inadequacies of their work in course content design, and in assessing student learning, namely, assessment of assessment; (b) development of an Index of Instructors’ Effort in online teaching with the pilot data from over 1200 online courses. This index, upon completion, can be used to assess instructors’ online teaching, and can be used to generate algorithms for the online system to “learn” the criteria and to generate dynamic data for researchers and instructors; and (c) a project comparing the network graphs of designed pages of learner interactions and classifying them with levels or types of interaction. Exploratory data were collected and analyzed.

No presider for this session.


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