Share Paper: #SocialMediaEd: Perspectives on Teaching about and with Social Media in Higher Education

  1. Christine Greenhow, Michigan State University, United States
  2. Benjamin Gleason, Iowa State University, United States
  3. Daniel Krutka, University of North Texas, United States
  4. Tonia Dousay, University of Idaho, United States
  5. Jeff Carpenter, Elon University, United States
Friday, March 22 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Celebrity Ballroom 1&2

Abstract: Within the field of education and informational technology, technologies like social media — near ubiquitous in the lives of today’s high school and college students — raise interesting questions about learning, teaching, literacy, design and democracy for researchers and educators. In this panel we will consider multiple perspectives on teaching with and about social media from researchers at five different institutions. Three panelists: Greenhow, Gleason and Krutka all teach variations of a Social Media in Education course within graduate programs at their respective universities and will each present an overview of their course goals and curriculum. This will be enriched ...