Share Paper: AI in Teacher Education

  1. Elizabeth Langran, Marymount University, United States
  2. Michael Searson, Likeda Educational Technology Group, United States
  3. Gerald Knezek, University of North Texas, United States
  4. Rhonda Christensen, University of North Texas, United States
Thursday, April 9 11:30-11:45 AM Room 3 -

Abstract: This session will be a conversation with participants regarding the work begun at the 2019 National Technology Leadership Summit on AI in Teacher Education. There is a recognition that AI is pervasive and will impact the field of education, but what do teachers need to know? What should teacher educators include about AI in their courses? And what are the ethical/privacy considerations for AI in K-12 education? We will discuss these and many other questions as we work to develop guiding principles for AI in Teacher Education.