Friday, April 2
11:45 AM-12:00 PM
Room 6

Technology Integration and Creativity

Best Practices (Live Presentation) ID: 58791
  1. aaa
    Kenneth Luterbach
    East Carolina University

Abstract: Since the early 1980s when microcomputers first became available to consumers, teachers have been altering their instructional practices in order to help students learn. Initially, in computer labs in schools, teachers taught students to use word processing and spreadsheet applications. Over time, teachers taught students to use a greater variety of applications, which enabled students to communicate by email, and to edit images, for instance. In the 1990s teachers began publishing and sharing instructional materials on the World Wide Web. With the vast increase in content on the web, many teachers created or directed students to web quests in order to foster inquiry learning. The 2000s brought Web 2.0 technologies and greater collaboration among learners. By 2010, the massive acquisition of mobile devices was underway, and teachers responded by integrating those devices into instructional practices. Due to the extensive technology integration efforts of teachers over the past four decades, several million students in the United States and elsewhere have learned to use a wide variety of application software and devices to accomplish practical tasks. Let us push on those efforts by fostering creativity.

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