Wednesday, April 13
1:45 PM-2:05 PM
Tidepool 5

Adult Learner Preferences and Practices in Multimodal Graduate Learning Environments

Full Paper (Live Virtual) ID: 59355
  1. aaa
    Farah Vallera
    Lehigh University
  2. Debra Rubart
    Lehigh University
  3. aaa
    Yameng Cui
    Lehigh University
  4. aaa
    Hope Sagnip
    Lehigh University

Abstract: Most students will be employed in jobs that do not yet exist upon their graduation. The rapid transformation of the job market, in ways we cannot predict with certainty, leaves educators with the challenge of providing relevant, applicable knowledge using traditional, arguably archaic, teaching methods. Students must learn to be flexible, adaptable, good collaborators and communicators, and strong leaders. Many adults are returning to school and many undergraduate students are continuing through master's degree programs to prepare them for the changing job market. It is easy to assume that once students get to graduate programs, they will learn as adults do. However, undergraduates completing a fifth-year graduate program may still learn as “children” do, since they have limited experience working in professional settings and may not yet have fully matured. This study investigated when and how to shift from pedagogical to andragogical teaching and learning strategies in instructional design practices and focused on: When should pedagogical teaching practices and strategies be replaced with andragogical practices and strategies in graduate programs? This study employed a cross-sectional explanatory sequential mixed methods design using the Adult Learning Principles/Design Elements Questionnaire [ALPDEQ] followed by focus groups to gather information from graduate students in multiple programs. Hear about their preferences, perceptions of programs, and results from the study.

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