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Daniel Schneider

TECFA University of Geneva

I am an educational technologist working at University of Geneva.

Areas of interest

  • Educational technology for higher education
  • Project-oriented learning
  • Internet technologies
  • Digital design and fabrication
  • Innovation and change


Daniel K. Schneider is a senior lecturer and researcher at TECFA, a research and teaching unit in the faculty of psychology and education, University of Geneva. Holding a PhD in political science, he has been working in educational technology since 1988 and participated in various innovative pedagogical and technological projects. He has been a prime mover towards the introduction of creative pedagogical strategies and ICT technologies. His current R&D interests focus on modular, flexible and open Internet architectures supporting rich and effective educational designs. Within TECFA's "blended" master program in educational technology, he teaches educational information & communication systems, virtual environments and research methodology.