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Daniel Schneider

TECFA University of Geneva

Switzerland - Geneva

I am an educational technologist working at University of Geneva.

Areas of interest

  • Educational technology for higher education
  • Project-oriented learning
  • Internet technologies
  • Digital design and fabrication
  • Innovation and change


Daniel K. Schneider is an associate professor at TECFA, a research and teaching unit in the faculty of psychology and education, University of Geneva. Holding a PhD in political science, he has been working in educational technology since 1988 and participated in various innovative pedagogical and technological projects. He has been a prime mover towards the introduction of creative pedagogical strategies and ICT technologies. His long-term R&D interests focus on modular, flexible and open Internet architectures supporting rich and effective educational designs. His current interests include digital design and fabrication (e.g. 3D printing), learning process analytics and learning in citizen science. Within TECFA's "blended" master program in educational technology (MALTT), he teaches educational information & communication systems, foundations of educational technology, and research methodology.