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Giuliana Dettori

Institute for Educational Technology, National research Council of Italy

Italy - Genoa


Giuliana Dettori is senior researcher at the Institute for Educational Technology of Italy’s National Research Council. Her research interests include: • the mediation of cultural and technological artefacts (representations, narrative and ICT tools) to facilitate and improve teaching and learning processes; • the integration of ICT in the curriculum and its contribution to develop and spread innovation, in relation to both teacher training and the revision of educational practice; • the support granted by learning environments to self-regulated learning, in particular technology-rich and online environments. She authored numerous scientific papers, collaborates as scientific reviewer with many conferences and journals, and has been responsible for her institute in several European projects. She is also teaching in the PhD school “Digital Humanities” of Genoa University (Italy). Homepage: http://www.itd.cnr.it/personalescheda.php?Id=12&FlagSelected=en