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John Lee

North Carolina State University

United States of America - Raleigh

Check out some of my work on digital history at http://dhpp.org You can learn more about our work on new literacies at http://newlit.org C3 Teachers is another project I'm involved with. Learn more at http://www.c3teachers.org/


I am an associate professor of social studies education at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm currently serving as chair of the teacher Education council in SITE. My research is focused on the uses of digital historical sources in social studies education. Our project work is online at http://dhpp.org. I co-direct with Hiller Spires, the new Literacies Collaborative (http://newlit.org) I'm also interested in educational standards and am a member of the writing team for the CCSSO published College, Career and Civic Life; Framework for Social Studies State Standards